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April 2023
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How to use this Tournament Bracket Generator software app

  • Fill the tournament name, type (Single or Double elimination) and starting date.
  • Fill the list of participants one by one. If the starting date is in the future, you will be able to randomize, sort and change this list before the bracket is generated.
  • Bracket generation happens on the tournament starting date and time filled in the first step. After that the bracket size will not be increased. If there are still free places in the bracket and the first round is not finished yet, it is possible for new participants to join.
  • Bracket preview serves only to show the bracket visual shape, does not include the names of participants you filled and will be hidden for more than 16 players.
  • Make sure that you are logged in and press the "Save the tournament" button to save your settings and redirect to the tournament page.
  • The printable online tournament bracket will be available for downloading or embeding for free right after the bracket is generated.