Advance Wars Dual Strike PVP Tourney!

Advance Wars Dual Strike PVP Tourney!

Nelfi1leblancthepigeon07Kushranada0Nelfi15Kushranada1Androsynth01Nelfi1COmMAnder in chief 02Porroe0leblancthepigeon16Porroe1nekoknight703leblancthepigeon1Z04
Start date: 02.09.2020 18:20 CET


broken: hachi sensei

top: rachel colin kanbei eagle javier(t2)

high: sami vonbolt kindle hawke olaf drake nell javier(t1)

med: sonja jess max andy

low: grimm sasha flak jugger grit

bottom: jake lash adder koal javier(t0)

---Order of Operations---

-Top on bracket is "heads"

-Bottom is "tails"

1) A Coin Flip determines who chooses the Map and Tier/CO first (CO choice is hidden from Opponent)

2) Coin Flip loser chooses the Player1 or Player2 and CO. They will be given the chosen map and tier.

-Tier Choosing Example: if low tier is selected, sonja through javier(t0) can be used.

-Colors can be requested but coin flip winner has priority: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black

-If a match ends up being a mirror, only P2 can switch COs before match starts.

-(t2 - t0) stand for Comm towers. If a map has two Comm towers, Javier will be top tier for example.


-All of these operations will be held privately in discord direct messages.

-Krys Reds#6050 is my username.

-Parsec will be used to conduct these battles.

-As of yet there is no time limit per round but be aware you are on stream and if an obscene amount of time is taken, I will consider you disqualified.

-My Parsec name is Actual_Krys and should be easy to find. Add me and I will let you know when to join the battle.






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